Erick Lavoie

Ph.D Candidate in Computer Science

Advisor: Laurie Hendren

curriculum vitae

I want to make technology more humane, sustainable, and empowering for the largest number of people, especially those that are not well-served today.

I have designed, implemented, and tested Pando, a tool for personal volunteer computing that enables programmers from the general public, including scientists and engineers, to use their personal devices and those of their friends for computing. This tool leverages the largely untapped computing potential of personal devices, making their capabilities available to the largest number of people and potentially better amortizing the environmental and social cost that went into their production. I am currently writing a PhD dissertation on the topic.

I am also currently helping to bootstrap the Secure-Scuttlebutt community and technology with legal, financial, and governance tools. This work is done in collaboration with many people, including Andre Staltz. If you are reading this as part of a grant application review, you can contact him for more details on my involvement.



Erick Lavoie, Laurie Hendren, Frederic Desprez, Miguel Correia
"Pando: Personal Volunteer Computing in Browsers"
Paper: [Arxiv]

Other Arxiv Papers

Proceedings papers

Erick Lavoie, Laurie Hendren, Frederic Desprez, Miguel Correia
"Genet: A Quickly Scalable Fat-Tree Overlay for Personal Volunteer Computing using WebRTC"
Self-Adaptive and Self-Organizing Systems (SASO). Umea, Sweden. June, 2019. (to appear)
Paper: [Arxiv]

Erick Lavoie, Laurie Hendren
"Personal Volunteer Computing"
Computing Frontiers (CF). Alghero, Sardinia, Italy. May, 2019.
Paper: [Arxiv]
Slides: [pdf]

David Herrera, Hanfeng Chen, Erick Lavoie, Laurie Hendren
"Numerical computing on the web: benchmarking for the future"
Dynamic Language Symposium (DLS). Boston, MA. USA. November, 2018.
Paper: [pdf]
Wu-Wei Tool: [github]

Erick Lavoie, Miguel Correia, Laurie Hendren
"Xor-overlay Topology Management Beyond Kademlia"
Self-Adaptive and Self-Organizing Systems (SASO). Tucson, AZ, USA. September, 2017.
Paper: [pdf]

Hanfeng Chen, Alexander Krolik, Erick Lavoie, Laurie Hendren
"Automatic Vectorization for MATLAB"
International Workshop on Languages and Compilers for Parallel Computing. Texas A\&M University, College Station, Texas, USA. October, 2017.
Paper: [pdf]
Experiments: [github]

Faiz Khan, Vincent Foley-Bourgon, Sujay Kathrotia, Erick Lavoie, and Laurie Hendren
"Using JavaScript and WebCL for Numerical Computations: A Comparative Study of Native and Web Technologies"
Dynamic Language Symposium (DLS). Portland, Oregon. USA. October, 2014.
Paper: [pdf]
Source Code: [github]

Erick Lavoie, Bruno Dufour, and Marc Feeley
"Portable and Efficient Run-time Monitoring of JavaScript Applications Using Virtual Machine Layering"
European Conference on Object-Oriented Programming (ECOOP). Uppsala, Sweden. August, 2014.
Paper: [pdf]
Source Code: [github]

Maxime Chevalier-Boisvert, Erick Lavoie, Marc Feeley and Bruno Dufour.
"Bootstrapping a Self-Hosted Research Virtual Machine for JavaScript - An Experience Report."
Dynamic Language Symposium (DLS). Portland, Oregon. USA. October, 2011.
Paper: [pdf]
Source Code: [github]

Grégoire Mesnil, Yann Dauphin, Xavier Glorot, Salah Rifai, Yoshua Bengio, Ian Goodfellow, Erick Lavoie, Xavier Muller, Guillaume Desjardins, David Warde-Farley, Pascal Vincent, Aaron Courville and James Bergstra.
"Unsupervised and Transfer Learning Challenge: a Deep Learning approach."
JMLR W\& CP: Proceedings of the Unsupervised and Transfer Learning challenge and workshop. Bellevue, Washington. USA. 2011. pages 97-110.
Paper: [pdf]

Workshop papers

Peer-reviewed but unpublished

Erick Lavoie, Bruno Dufour and Marc Feeley. "Metacircular Virtual Machine Layering for Run-Time Instrumentation" Runtime Environments, Systems, Layering and Virtualized Environments (RESoLVE). Houston, Texas. USA. March, 2013.
Slides: [pdf]


Erick Lavoie. "Harnessing performance for flexibility in instrumenting a virtual machine for JavaScript through metacircularity." Master Dissertation. Université de Montréal. 2012.
Paper: [pdf]


The SAFE Network from First Principles
YouTube Videos: [playlist]
"1. XOR Distance Metric and Basic Routing". McLab Seminars. McGill University, Montreal, October 2014.
Slides: [pdf]

"In Praise of Metacircular Virtual Machine Layering."
Mozilla Corp.San Francisco, California. USA. 2013-02-01.
Principles Of Programming Languages, Student Session's Short Talk (POPL). Rome, Italy. 2013.
The SIGPLAN Programming Language Mentoring Workshop, One Minute Madness (PLMW, co-located with POPL 2013) Rome, Italy. 2013.
Slides: 1min [pdf] 10min [pdf] 30min [pdf][video]


Teaching Assistant, COMP 621: Program Analysis and Transformations, McGill University, Fall 2015

Teaching Assistant, IFT3065/IFT6232: Compilers and Programming Languages, Université de Montréal, Winter 2012